Yves Saint Laurent’s cage heels in the Net-a-Porter sale

ysl-cage-heelsThe Net-a-Porter sale started while I was gone (probably a good thing, under the circumstances), and there were further reductions today, making it a happy hunting ground for us shoe lovers.

One of the more surprising reductions for me was the famous Yves Saint Laurent cage heels. I didn’t expect to see these on sale – not because I love them, but purely because they’ve become so instantly recognisable, and have been written about so much now, that I’d have assumed they’d have sold out long ago.

Obviously not, though, because not only are they still available, they’re also reduced to £328 in the sale: maybe a sign that the cage look just wasn’t as popular as the press coverage would lead us to think it was?

Personally, I didn’t see what the fuss was when these first came out, but they have really grown on me, and now that I’ve had the opportunity to actually see people wear them, I find myself liking them a whole lot more. Not enough to pay £328 for them, mind you, but it’s a big reduction on the original £820, so if you do love them, now could be your chance to own a pair.

BUY: Yves Saint Laurent cage heels, £328


  • I absolutely love the heel, but I’m not insane about the actual part you put your foot in… maybe others agree with me? (:

  • I agree, simone. If that were a solid black suede shoe with a cage heel, I’d find it so much more appealing. I find them appealing already!…but solid black would be moreso.

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