Buffalo ‘Beyza’ pointed court shoes in black patent

Buffalo 'Beyza' pointed court shoes in black patent

Buffalo 'Beyza' pointed court shoes in black patent

Buffalo 'Beyza' pointed court shoes in black patent

Buffalo 'Beyza' pointed court shoes in black patent

Buffalo ‘Beyza’ pointed court shoes and Dune ‘Banby’ clutch bag, both c/o Sarenza

With my Shoe Challenge now complete, I’ve been very much looking forward to being able to acquire new shoes without having to worry about having to try to wear them before the end. With that in mind, I deliberately steered clear of the sales, and avoided buying any new footwear in the  final few weeks of the challenge. These ones are the first new shoes since the challenge ended, and I was a little worried they’d arrive before it ended, so I went for a “sensible” purchase I knew I’d have no trouble saving if I had to: Buffalo’s ‘Beyza’ court shoes in black patent.

Now, as some of you may recall, I already own the nude version of these shoes, and really like them. I originally bought them as a “pre-Pigalle” purchase: I was waiting for a pair of Louboutin’s ‘Pigalles’ to come into stock, and figured the Buffalo shoes would be a useful stand-in until that happened, as they’re a similar, pointed shape. I got my Pigalles in October, but still wear the Buffalos fairly often, mostly on days where I’d like to wear the Pigalles, but know the weather, or amount of walking I’m planning to do, would make that a bad idea. (I don’t believe in keeping shoes for “best”, but I also don’t believe in ruining expensive shoes in the rain!) I decided to get the black version for exactly the same reason: I do already have a pair of Pigalle stand-ins, in the form of my beloved ‘Olsen’ pumps from Dune, but as much as I love them, they’re definitely “car to bar” shoes, and not much use for actual walking. I know the ‘Beyza’ shoes are very comfortable, so I figured they’d be a useful addition to my collection, and allow me to fill that “black patent courts that are actually comfortable” shaped hole on my shoe shelves.

Well, I was right. I’ve only had these for a few days, and they’ve already had their inaugural wearing (so I needn’t have worried about getting them through the challenge!), so I can report that they’re just as comfortable and easy to wear as the nude versions. I was forced to go half a size down with my first pair of these, because it was the only size left, but that size fit well enough I’d have gone for the same size in these, except this time IT wasn’t available, so I got my usual size 4 instead. The fit is fine, and perfectly comfortable: I still think the 3.5 feels a little more secure on the foot, but as I say, these were perfectly comfortable (even when walking over cobbles in them!) so it’s not a big deal.

I had some money left over on my voucher, and used it to buy this little nude/black clutch by Dune. I’m a little bit obsessed with clutch bags, and frequently carry one during the day, instead of a shoulder bag, and this is a colour combination I really love. It also works really well with the black patent of the shoes, which was an added bonus!

Shoes and bag are both currently available at Sarenza, and both currently on sale, too: find them here.

Black court shoes


  • I’m a little obsessed with clutches too, in fact my boyfriend pointed out (in a rather scalding tone) that I actually have almost as many clutches as shoes! I then realised that I do tend to buy them equally as frequently “to go with my new shoes” which is odd, because I don’t like to look too matchy-matchy so often go for a contrasting one instead! Maybe I should be doing a clutch challenge!!

  • Love the both! Great buys! Can’t wait to see you wearing them! I think I have a really similar pair in grey, and I’m happy that pointy toes are back in fashion, and I can finally wear some of my older shoes again.

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