Next stripe bow ballet flats

stripe ballet flats with red bow

Stripe ballet flats, £35

The Spring/Summer 2013 edition of the Next directory dropped through my door this week (Well, it was left on my doorstep, rather. I’d need a really big letterbox for that thing to fit through. And if it did, it would probably go right through the floor, it’s so heavy. But I digress…), and let me just begin this post by saying that if you love spots, stripes or both, then DO NOT LOOK AT IT. You will be led into temptation. It’s absolutely chock full of my favourite prints, and these cute little ballet flats are just one example from the “stripey” section.

I think these would be the perfect pair of summer flats in a nautical red, white and blue: perfect with jeans, shorts or dresses, and with a breathable canvas upper, to stop your feet from getting too hot. Perfect!

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  • Oh my! These are perfect flats in my opinion.
    I always click on your blog with trepidation as I know I will end up seeing something I’ll buy…It’s even worse as I have a Next account so they are really only a click away…

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