Patent bow wedge platforms from New Look

Last Autumn, I spent a good couple of weeks desperately searching for a pair of wedge shoes with super-high heels, which I needed for a party I was going to. Naturally, because I really, really needed them, such shoes were nowhere to be found, and it’s only now, over six months later, that they finally turn up – and at a price I can afford, too!

These shoes are from New Look, and they’re also available in black, although the black version doesn’t seem to be available on the website at the moment. They’re basically a wedge heeled version of the platforms I bought in two different colours earlier this year, although as they have a wedge rather than a stiletto, they’ll probably be a little easier to walk in.

A good option for those of you who want to wear very high heels, but aren’t too good at balancing in them, these are £25, and you can buy them here.


  • I’m surprised to find myself liking these. I usually only prefer cork wedges, as anything else looks too solid, too bulky and heavy. I dislike that in a shoe, I much prefer delicate elegancy. However, there’s something about the shape, colour and general look of these particular wedges that make me smile 🙂

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