Glitter heel court shoes from Dorothy Perkins

Glitter heel peep toes from Dorothy Perkins

Glitter heel peep toes, £38 – £42

Here’s an idea I wish more brands would cotton on to: same shoe, two different heel heights – genius!

These glitter heeled peep toes come with a 3.5″ heel and a 4.5″ heel, and both heights are available in your choice of pink or grey. They both have the same contrast heel, in a glitzy, glitter finish with a scalloped edge, and they both have the same suede effect uppers. The higher shoe, however, comes with a higher platform, so they should technically feel roughly the same to walk in, despite the difference in height.

Of course, neither of these is what you’d call “low” exactly, so I guess a flat or low-heeled version is the next logical step, but hey: it’s good to have choices, isn’t it?

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