Casadei 140mm patent glossy pumps

Casadei 140mm patent glossy pumps

Casadei 140mm patent glossy pumps, £555

These shoes are available in three different colours. The green version shown at the top of the page is probably my favourite, but I sincerely hope no one ever makes me choose between them, because I like them all.

The shape of these is classic Casadei, and we’ve seen variations of it on a few of their shoes recently. This version is the pared-back original, with the bright, fun colours doing most of the talking. That said, the 140mm heel and high platform will get their share of the attention too, regardless of which shade you decide to go for!

Which WOULD you go for, if you happened to find a handy £555 down the back of the sofa?

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  • See, my problem is that I really feel like I need all three, because of how lovely the colours all look together, which is ridiculous since I obviously can’t wear them all at the same time! But just think how lovely they would look all lined up on the shelf! It’s a really good job I don’t have much money!!

  • Teal. Or green. Or pink. Or teal. See? Can’t decide. I’m going to need $1565 down the back of my sofa.

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