Brian Atwood flower embellished satin sandals (And Happy Easter from Shoeperwoman!)

As soon as I’ve hit “publish” on this post, I’m switching off the computer to go and enjoy the Easter long weekend, so I thought I’d leave you with the most Easter-appropriate pair of shoes I could find.

Oh, who am I kidding? These Brian Atwood sandals don’t really say “Easter” at all, do they? I just wanted to show you them. (And while I’m in the mood for confessing, I won’t actually be switching the computer off, either. As if I’d be able to survive for four whole days without access to the Internet! I LIVE on the Internet!) I’ve added in some chocolate eggs, just to make up for it. They don’t come free with the shoes, but with these shoes on your feet, who’s going to be thinking about chocolate eggs, anyway? (Me, actually. I’m always thinking about chocolate eggs, though).

Anyway, the shoes are by Brian Atwood, and are a whopping £2870 from here. And, with that, I’d like to wish a very happy holiday to anyone who has some time off this weekend: I’ll see you all on Shoesday!


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