Shoeperheroes or Shoepervillains: Brian Raffia-Heel Colorblock d’Orsay Sandals

Brian Atwood colourblock raffia shoes

Now, you all know Brian Atwood is a shoeperhero of mine. And you may also know that I can be partial to a bit of raffia on a shoe – it reminds me of summer, and really, anything that reminds me of summer gets the thumbs up from me right now. Almost anything, that is.

These shoes, though? These shoes make me want to get the scissors out and give ’em a haircut. And trust me, I’m really, really bad at haircuts.

I don’t want to just dismiss them out of hand, though, so I’m placing the decision in your hands, shoeper readers. Are these shoes Shoeperheroes or Shoepervillains? Tell me!


  • I agree about the cutting – the raffia on the back alone could be nice.

    Is anyone else thinking “ouch” at these? It looks like they’d scratch your ankles.

  • I LOVE Atwood, hes consistently produced amazing designs , but these, ohh dear god, I get that their childish and fun for spring but they just feel like a designer working without thought, its a flippant easy simple thing, not what I want from a design hero, questionable at best i feel.

  • I agree completely about cleaning up the excess a bit. I like the idea of the multicoloured raffia on the back, but these just look too messy!

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