Zara mirrored court shoes

Zara mirrored court shoes

Zara mirrored court shoes, £69.99

I’m getting a bit of a “court jester” vibe from these shoes. Not because I think they’re clownish, I hasten to add – purely because of the mix of primary colours and the diamond pattern of the upper – there’s just something very “festive” about them, don’t you think?

The upper may be a riot of colour and texture, but these have a classic court shoe shape, with the now-familiar pointed toe and stiletto heel. And as for what to wear them with – well, any one of the colours on the upper would work, which means they’re probably a lot more versatile than the phrase “mirrored shoes” would suggest!

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  • It’s an awesome Holiday Season shoe bc it works with black, red, green, metallics etc…and the style can work with more formal dresses and party/cocktail attire.

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