Guess ‘Varsha’ gingham peep toes

gingham peep toe shoes

If you’ve been reading this site for a while (and, actually, even if you haven’t…) you’ve probably gathered that I have a bit of a thing for “gingham”. I love it for its pin-up girl appeal, its summery style…and the fact that it reminds me of picnic blankets. Well, everyone loves a picnic, don’t they?

As the proud owner of two pairs of gingham shoes, I’ve banned myself from buying any more, but I thought these ones from Guess might appeal to my fellow gingham lovers, especially those who prefer their heels a little lower than the standard 5″. These come in at a much more reasonable 3.5″ – I think the lower height makes the shoes look a bit unbalanced, somehow, when you see them on their own, but I’ve no doubt that they’ll be perfect on the foot, and will be a more comfortable way to get that summery, slightly retro look. Just in case you needed further convincing, these ones are on sale, too!

BUY: Guess ‘Varsha’ gingham peep toes, £82.60
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