ASOS yellow suede ‘Pumpkin’ platform shoes

With Halloween right around the corner, what could be more appropriate than a pair of shoes called ‘Pumpkin’?  OK, so I guess it might have been more appropriate if these had been orange rather than yellow, but it so happens I’ve been craving a pair of yellow shoes lately, and these more than fit the bill: yellow can be such a hard colour to get right, whether on clothes or on footwear, but this shade is bright enough to be distinctive, but not so bright it forces you to reach for your sunglasses: in other words, it’s perfect.

These shoes follow a formula that seems to very fashionable right now: basically, you take a court shoe, add a platform and a suede upper combined with any bright colour that takes your fancy, and you’re done. These offer a slight variation on that theme, in that the platform sole continues all the way up the sole, giving them a rather more substantial look than some similarly shaped shoes.

What do you think of them?

(Click here to buy them for £60)


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