Timeless ‘Rosebud’ flower-embellished ballet flats

bruight orange ballet flats with flower detail

Timeless flats, £24.65

For those of you who like your footwear to be bold as well as beautiful, these Timeless ballet flats might just fit the bill.

Ordinarily, orange is a colour I’ll just scroll right by when I’m looking at shoes. It can be a difficult colour to wear, and it’s just too bright to work with most of my wardrobe (although it would perhaps match my hair!). These shoes, however, were pretty enough to make me stop and look anyway, and when I did, I found that they also come in black, so if you’re not keen on orange either, there is at least another option.

I love the flower on the toe of these, which is large enough to cover the entire vamp, but the gauzy, transparent fabric they’re made from makes the effect less overwhelming than might otherwise have been the case with such a giant embellishment.

These are just under £25, which I think is a good price for flats. If only they came in some other colours!

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