Suede tassle loafer heels from New Look

These shoes have already sold out online in most sizes, which is perhaps a good thing in my case, because if they’d been available in a size 4, I might have been tempted to break my strict “no loafers” rule for them.

These have real suede uppers, which makes them something of a bargain at £39.99, and while that pale colour isn’t going to stand up to the worst of the winter weather, these will look fabulous on the days you can wear them, and will still be stylish when Spring rolls around. They have a rather luxe look to them, and will work perfectly will all of those 40s-inspired tweeds that are around this season.

Click here to buy them.


  • I had noticed them as well, but resisted adding them to my order because of the extremely light (and thus prone to attract dirt, with my luck and clumsiness) uppers… I wouldn’t what a beautiful shoe like that to get ruined by Belgian winter weather…

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