Fendi ‘Deco’ pink suede platform bow peep toes

One of my favourite stores in Florida is a Saks Off Fifth outlet, which occasionally has some absolutely amazing shoes at pretty good prices (or comparatively good prices, rather). This year when I visited, they had these exact shoes, only in a peach, satin upper. I can’t tell you how many times I went back to visit those shoes. (OK, I can: it was three times. I think. Although, in my defence, I didn’t go back just to look at the shoes.) I loved them. They were much prettier in real life than they look in the picture and I promised myself that if I had enough money left by the end of the trip, I’d go back and buy them. Of course, I didn’t get them, but I can’t help thinking that if they’d had this bright pink suede version there on sale, I might now have been able to be so restrained.

Sadly, these are definitely not on sale: in fact, they’re $725, but if you wish, you can click here to buy them.


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