Sophia Webster Parisa laser-cut metallic leather sandals

Sophia Webster Parisa laser-cut metallic leather sandals

Sophia Webster Parisa laser-cut metallic leather sandals, £525

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Sophia Webster’s ‘wings’ shoes – these ‘Parisa’ sandals are just one variation on the designer’s ‘wings on your heels’ motif, but I’ve loved all of them, and think they’re such a creative, whimsical looking shoe, which would be a real joy to wear. The white and rose gold combination of this style is a particular winner for me, with the pale colours adding to the ethereal feel of the sandals, and making them very easy to wear.

Speaking of things you can wear (Which, OK, I wasn’t really, but any excuse…), I really love this Erdem dress:

Erdem dress

The print on the bodice is just so pretty, and the embroidered satin skirt is the perfect finishing touch. Let’s not even THINK about the price tag, though: I don’t want to spoil the happy thoughts generated by the dress, so here’s another one, just to keep the mood going:

Alexander McQueen dress

This dress is even more expensive, unfortunately, but it’s also even more beautiful – and can’t you just imagine how spectacular it would be with those Sophia Webster shoes? Sometimes it’s good to dream.

Also in “dream dress” territory is this white shift dress by Victoria Beckham:

Victorian Beckham white shift dress

I really love Victoria Beckham’s designs: they’ll all so simple that I guess they run the risk of being labelled boring by some, but this is exactly the kind of style I like – and it can be much harder to find pieces like this than it can to find the more “interesting” ones. The beauty of a dress like this is that it can be anything you want it to be  – and it’s the perfect blank canvas against which to showcase your most extravagant shoes. The key to wearing it is to get the perfect fit: a simple dress which fits like it was made for you will look a hundred times better than an amazing dress that’s not quite right.

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