Shoe Review : Moda in Pelle ‘Vancouver’ over-the-knee boots

Moda in Pelle 'Vancouver' over-the-knee boots

black leather over-the-knee boots

Moda in Pelle 'Vancouver' over-the-knee boots

Moda in Pelle ‘Vancouver’ over-the-knee boots, £169.95

What’s this, I hear you ask? Two shoe reviews in one week? Yup: it seems great boots are a bit like buses – you wait forever and then they all come along at once!

These particular boots are by Moda in Pelle, and, without word of a lie, they’re hands-down the best pair of over-the-knee boots I’ve ever owned. Ever. Yes: they’re even better than the infamous Topshop ‘Barley’ boots, and you all know how much I loved THOSE, don’t you?

Why are these boots so amazing? It’s the fit. If you’re a longtime reader, you’ll know I’m forever complaining about the difficulty of finding boots that fit properly in the calf. That’s particularly important with over-the-knee boots, because if they’re too tight they’ll be impossible to move it (and threaten to cut off your circulation…), but if they’re too loose, they’ll look all sad and saggy, and your legs will seem at least twice the size they actually are. I had neither of those issues with these ‘Vancouver’ boots: they’re a nice, close fit on the leg, which allows me to wear them with dresses and skirts, and I also really like the rounded toe and stiletto heel, which makes for an elegant silhouette.

A couple of things to note about these: the calf width is very narrow – it just so happens that that’s exactly what I was looking for, because boots like this are normally too wide for me, but I can only just do up the zip, so that’s something to be aware of! The leg shaft is also quite tall, and the back of the boots hits the back of the knee right where it bends: they’re fine on me, at 5″4, but if you’re very petite, you might find them a little tricky to sit down in!

For me, however, this is the best fit I’ve ever found in a boot in this style: so much so that I’m already starting to worry about how I’ll cope when I wear them until they fall apart, and can’t find a suitable replacement! If you want to avoid that, they also come in black suede, and a bold leopard-print upper: oh, and if you want to change the look of them, you can fold down the section at the front, and turn them into knee-highs – two for the price of one!

[Disclosure: my boots were a gift from Moda in Pelle – all views are my own.]

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