Dorothy Perkins gold ‘Frost’ lace court shoes

Dorothy Perkins gold 'Frost' lace court shoes

Dorothy Perkins gold ‘Frost’ lace court shoes, £29

Trust me to only come across these shoes when they were sold out in my size. I mean, they’re £29. And they’re gorgeous: gold, glittery, and with a big ol’ brooch detail on the toe. What more could a shoeperhero want? Other than for them to be available in her size, obviously?

Well, worry not: if these are sold out in your size too, there are other options that might just work for you. There’s a black lace version, for instance. A silver glitter one. A silver leather one – which, OK, is actually a slightly different style, but similar enough for it not to matter. So, plenty of options, in other words – and surely at least one of them will fit, right? Here’s hoping.

If not, here are some other items from Dorothy Perkins that have caught my eye recently:

red pussybow jumper

This red pussybow jumper isn’t a colour I could wear personally, but it’s a good one for Christmas, and the pussybow detail is a nice way to make a plain sweater a little more interesting. Another easy way to do that is to add a touch of sparkle to your knits:

green sparkle roll neck

I recently bought a gold sparkle turtleneck from New Look, and I really like it: it’s such an easy way to dress up a pair of black trousers or pencil skirt, and it’s also nice and warm, which isn’t always the case with dressier knitwear. This pale green version is also really cute: I love the colour, which would fit right in with the rest of my wardrobe, and I’m actually having a hard time resisting the impulse to add it to my basket, so moving on…

blonde faux fur coat

Finally, I saw this faux fur coat in store last week, and it’s much nicer in person than it is in the photo – another one that’s proving hard to resist!

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  • Went to the Dorothy Perkins site and saw a few other court shoes I’d also like to have for Christmas is possible. The silver glitter pair seems to fit my fancy a bit better, not that the gold couldn’t be just as wonderful to wear. Thanks for showing them!

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