Shellys London ‘Tinkerbell’ silver glitter shoes

Shellys London silver glitter shoes

shellys london shoes

Shellys London silver glitter court shoes, £30.24

Ah, Shellys Lodon: I get all nostalgic just reading that brand name! They used to be one of my favourite brands when I was in high school, and I can remember catching the bus to Glasgow and going to drool over the shoes in their store there: more often than not returning empty-handed, because although the prices have never been high, exactly, they were still a little more than my pocket money would usually stretch to!

It’s actually been a while now since I Iast checked Shelleys London out, so I was happy to see these little silver glitter pumps pop up at Spartoo this week. These are yet another example of the mid-heel (definitely a lot more of these around at the moment), coming in at around 2.75 inches, but they still manage to pack a bit of a punch, with that silver glitter upper. It’s that distinctive little “curl” on the vamp that really steals the show here, though. I can never quite decide what to call this particular type of embellishment (hence the inverted commas around “curl”), but  it’s something that crops up from time to time on shoes, and I always think it creates a very “vintage” kind of look, and the lower heel also contributes to that feeling, don’t you think?

The good news is that these are on sale, and are currently down to just £30.24. I’m sure you can guess what’s coming here, can’t you? Yep, you got it: the bad news is that they’re only available in UK sizes 3 and 5, and those probably won’t be around for very long either, so if you fancy a pair of these, and you wear one of those sizes, you might want to get your skates on. Or your glitter-covered silver pumps on, rather.

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