Schuh Colette Crown Bow pumps now available in black

Schuh Colette Crown Bow pumps

Schuh Colette Crown Bow pumps, £60

Schuh’s Colette ‘Crown Bow’ pumps were one of my favourite shoes of the past year, and I’ve had the red and stripe versions on my wish list ever since they became available. Now, however, I’m going to have to add this black version, too: these are new out for autumn/winter, and they use the same shape as the other incarnations of this style, but with a black patent upper topped with a red polka dot bow.

I have the silver version of the Colette pumps, and really love them: I think the curvy shape makes these one of the prettiest pairs of pumps on the high street, and I would happily collect the full set, if only I could. As for these ones in particular: well, you can always find a use for a pair of black pumps, can’t you?

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