Casadei green and gold ‘Blade’ sandals

Casadei green and gold Blade sandals

gold Blsde stiletto heels

Casade green sandals

I’ve been trying my best to avoid writing about Casadei’s ‘Blade’ heels recently, because I know I’ve been featuring them rather a lot, but as soon as I laid eyes on these sandals, I knew it was a hopeless cause. The green and gold colourway? The gold ‘Blade’ heel? The vintage look of the upper? Seriously, these may as well have come with a note attached saying, “ShoeperWoman! Blog about me!”

Well, I’ve never been one to ignore the cry of a shoe in need – I wouldn’t be much of a Shoeperhero if I did – so here they are. The rich emerald shade is fashionable this year, much to my pleasure, but it’s not a colour that’s ever going to go OUT of fashion, and as green and gold has a bit of a festive feel to it, these would be perfect for party season. No, I can’t quite believe I just made reference to party season either: it’s not even September yet. My point, however, is that although they’re a “trendy” colour, these have a timeless appeal and I think they’ll look just as beautiful ten years from now as they do today – assuming you look after them, obviously!

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