River Island gold laser cut pumps

Gold laser-cut court shoes from River Island, with a high heel and pointed toe.

River Island gold laser cut court shoesHere’s a great pair of shoes to help you start to transition your wardrobe from summer into autumn: assuming you haven’t made that particular leap already, that is. Me, I’ll be clinging onto summer until the last possible second, but there’s no doubt that the weather has been cooler these past couple of weeks, and although I don’t feel ready to embrace the winter woolies just yet (If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I won’t EVER be ready for that…) my collection of summer dresses and sandals aren’t looking quite so appealing these days either.

Enter these River Island laser-cut court shoes. These have a light, delicate feel to them, courtesy of the open upper and light colour, but they have closed toes and heels, so they don’t feel quite as summery as a pair of peep toes or strappy sandals would. They’re also the kind of shoes that would work well from day to night: pointed courts tend to have a fairly formal feel to them, but you could easily wear these casually (or to work) during the day, and then dress them up a bit for evening.

These are also available in black, and are £60 at River Island.

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