I’ve shown you these shoes before…

… but I make no apologies for showing you them again, because they’ve both been repackaged for the new season, with pretty new uppers, which make them well worth a second look! First up, we have ASOS’s ‘Predict’ pumps, which are just £28:

ASOS predict tartan pumps

ASOS predict tartan pumps



I showed you the red version of these shoes back in June, and they’re still available on the site, as are the tan and black versions. I like all three of those colours (and, actually, if you were to BUY all three, you’d have yourself a pretty comprehensive shoe wardrobe, and it would only have cost you £84!), but it’s this tartan print version which has currently caught my eye. Tartan has been gradually winning me over lately. I used to absolutely hate it, probably because I associate it with the tacky ‘Scotland’ souvenirs always on sale in Edinburgh tourist stores. I’m also very aware that a lot of non-Scots think that Scottish people wear tartan aaaallll the time. We really don’t (I actually can’t remember the last time I saw a man in a kilt: probably three years ago, at the last wedding I attended!) and I’ve never wanted to play up the silly stereotype of the red-haired, tartan-wearing Scot!

Lately, though, as brands have started to make tartans which are a little less garish, and thus a little more appealing, I’ve grown to like it a little more, and I think this very muted version could make a great addition to an autumn wardrobe. It’s close enough to black to be worn with most of the same things you’d wear black pumps with, but it’s just a little more interesting.

I’ve also shown you ASOS’s ‘Panorama’ pumps before:

ASOS pink pumps

ASOS PAnorama pink suede pumps

Again, this style comes in a selection of different colours. I actually ordered the pastel pink version earlier this year, but ended up returning them, because although I loved to look at them, the colour was much brighter in real life (more of a ‘Barbie’ pink than the pale pastel shade I’d been expecting!) than it had looked on screen, and I was forced to reluctantly concede that the colour just wasn’t really “me”. The difference in colour makes me a little wary of ordering another pair of these, but this dusky pink looks much closer to what I’d been looking for, and is a really lovely colour, so I’m tempted. What I do know from having ordered these is that they’re absolutely gorgeous shoes, and great value for £28. Maybe I need the black version, too, actually?


  • I’m not too keen on the tartan ones, but I really love the Panorama shape. I actually already own them in lemon yellow (which ended up a bit brighter than the pictures as well, but at least they’re really comfy), and I’m very tempted by the petrol version right now…

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