Rupert Sanderson Glitter/Metallic Leather Rumba D’Orsay Pumps




Rupert Sanderson pink glitter and metallic pumps

THE SHOES: Rupert Sanderson Glitter/Metallic Leather Rumba D’Orsay Pumps, £455

These shoes may look good at first glance, but they look better if you keep on looking. What at first appeared to be a pink glittered upper, is revealed to be a glitter/metallic leather hybrid, so turning the shoe around gives it a totally different look.  Not only is that glitter/leather a great combination, though, it’s the TYPE of glitter and the TYPE of leather that really gives these shoes the WOW factor.

The glitter on these, you see, isn’t the “sprinkled-on” glitter effect you see on some shoes (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I hasted to add: I have plenty of pairs of shoes like that myself!), but a more subtle glittered leather, which gives the effect of shimmer, rather than sparkle. (Yes, there IS a difference, and it’s an important one!) The leather, meanwhile, uses that high-shine mirrored effect, which is guaranteed to instantly give a shoe tons of high-glamour impact.

Ted Baker dress and pink shoes


Speaking of impact, I’ve been waiting for a chance to feature this gorgeous Ted Baker dress for a while now, and today’s the day! This would actually work with a few different colours of footwear: the dress itself contains shades of pink, green, blue and grey, and any one of those would work well with it, as would silver or gold. These pink shoes may be just one of the options, however, but together I think they make quite a team, and create a look that would be nice for a wedding, or other special occasion.

The overall look of these shoes is just a little bit vintage-inspired: something about that two-tone upper, the d’orsay cut and the almost-sweetheart vamp reminds me of some of the shoe styles of the 80s. I’m not generally a fan of that look, but I think these get away with it – just!

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