Moschino black and gold curve heeled court shoes

This type of outwardly curving heel is something that’s been cropping up fairly regularly on the runway recently, although I’ve yet to see many examples of it actually available to buy. These ones, however, are available to buy: they’re by Moschino, they have a gold heel with a contrasting black suede upper, and they’re $619 at Zappos. They’ll also create the impression that your heel is about to buckle under the weight of its wearer, which may not be the most flattering idea in the world, but that’s possibly just my impression from looking at the product shot: they may look completely different when they’re being worn, for all I know, and if you want to find out, well, just click here!


  • Kurt Geiger has a similar design named ‘eleanor’. It’s a suede platform shoe with gold heels – but the heel is straight and looks much more comfortable. 🙂 These look quite funky and I like it.

  • Kurt Geiger also have “aristocrat” in a multitude of colours – including scrummy black or even silver!

  • These are kind of like a clunkier version of a pair of [Alan Pinkus pumps][] that I bought here in Sydney about 8 years ago:

    Funnily enough these are comfier than they look – the heels have a kind of spring-like quality to them. That said, I don’t wear them often as I get a *lot* of puzzled looks.

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