Fendi blue asymmetric leather stud sandals

blue high heel sandals by Fendi

Fendi blue leather asymmmetric stud sandals

Fendi asymmetric sandals


THE SHOES: Fendi blue asymmetric sandals, £588

I know it’s still only October, but as we’ve already been looking at winter footwear for months now, these Fendi asymmetric sandals are truly a breath of fresh air.

In a gorgeous cream, royal blue and baby-blue mix, they have an almost vintage feel to them, which is heightened by the open toe and asymmetric shape. Two over-sized silver studs, meanwhile, complete the effect, and bring a contemporary touch to the design. You can’t quite see it in the image above (it’s more visible in the close-up on the Neiman Marcus website), but the 4.5″ heel is embossed with a reptile effect – the shoe doesn’t really need any extra detail, but it doesn’t harm the overall effect either.

These could work well as evening shoes, if you want to wear them right away. If you wait until spring, however, the colours will allow you to wear them with a selection of other shades, and they’re the kind of shoes which could even look good with a plain pair of jeans. Who am I kidding? These shoes would probably look good with just about ANYTHING, but here’s a quick outfit suggestion, anyway:

suggested outfit for Fendi asymmetric sandals


OK, so the Marc by Marc Jacobs top is possibly a LITTLE bit much, but I’m a sucker for a bow, and love this over-sized one. It’s such a statement that it requires very simple styling (and would possibly overwhelm some figures), but sometimes you need a little drama in your life/closet. (And if you don’t, well, there are lots of simpler options out there which would work equally well.) The skirt, meanwhile, is a beautiful shade of blue, which will not only work with these shoes, but with lots more besides. Any excuse to buy another full skirt, right?

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