Shoe Kryptonite: Nicholas Kirkwood platform peep toe shoes


I’ve already nominated Christian Louboutin as the King of Shoes, but if that’s the case, then I think British designer Nicholas Kirkwood must be the Prince.

Kirkwood’s designs are a little more unconventional than Louboutin’s, and that, of course, means that they don’t always appeal to everyone, but I think these platform peep toes are true Shoe Kryptonite: i.e. they make my resolve (and my bank account) disappear on contact with them.

That very defined platform sole is a Nicholas Kirkwood trademark, and it’s what makes these shoes so special, although the gold stiletto doesn’t hurt either. Sadly for me, but perhaps fortunately for the aforementioned bank balance, these don’t come cheap, however: they’re £420 at Browns.

BUY: Nicholas Kirkwood platform peep toe shoes


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