Topshop Unique pointed toe shoes in colourful suede


This is the second time Topshop have released this Unique shoe collection, so presumably the first time was a roaring success for them.

I’m going to be completely honest and admit that, although I think Topshop is perhaps the best brand on the UK high street in terms of footwear, these aren’t quite to my taste: there’s something that’s just that little bit too 80s about the angular heel designs and bright colours, and while I know the 80s are going through a major fashion renaissance, I just can’t wait for it to end.

That said, these shoes are definitely “Unique”, which is why I’m showing you them now. There are three styles to choose from: the slingbacks and shoe boots are £100 each, while the courts are £90. Having just said they’re not to my taste, I actually don’t think I’d hurl the black versions of the shoe boots into space, and the bright green pumps are starting to grow on me, purely because I can’t resist that colour. What do you think of them?


  • Great site! It’s such a pleasant gallery to peruse. That’s all I have to say 🙂

    Oh, who am I kidding. These shoes remind me of what people of the 80’s thought the future would look like. All acidic colors and wackadoo angles and what not. So, I suppose they figure, here’s the future, this is how we need to be dressing now. That said, I’d get the blue ones.

    • Oh yes, totally – like in old episodes of Star Trek etc where the vision of the “future” now just looks totally laughable! I think the colours have a lot to do with it, though: like I said, the boots are actually quite tempting in plain black…

  • Oh no – this website is going to be bad for my bank balance, isn’t it?!

    Nice work chica.

    And I kinda like the uber-eighties green ones! God knows why…

    • It’s already been bad for mine! Now, as well as having to look at clothes and makeup every day for The Fashion Police and Hey-Dollface, I’m having to look at shoes too. It’s amazing I have any money left!

      I actually quite like the green ones too. I think they’re “growers”…

  • Due to the bright colors and the pointiness of the toes, I think “court jester” when I see these shoes. If the shoes weren’t as brightly colored, they’d be pretty cute.

  • No, not my thing… I don’t get the whole 80s revival thing. A few years ago, everyone was super-anxious to burn their pictures from the 80s, and now it’s suddenly all supposed to be ok again. Don’t give in! 80s fashion was created by the devil!

  • When I first saw the bright Easter-egg-y colors all together, I was like “Ew”, but if you look at each individual shoe, they’re kinda okay. And I do like the green color.

  • Quite a lot of me is liking them. That’s awful isn’t it. But they are rather beautifully obscure. (Hmmm, “rather” “beautifully” “obscure”: not three words I ever thought I’d put together).

  • I love the colors but I’m not big on the gold. I think its the gold that makes them a bit too much for my taste, and if they lost the metal they would be more retro chic than outdated.

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