River Island tan woven peep toe flats

tan woven peep toes

River Island tan woven peep toes, £32

These shoes may not seem particularly exciting, but oh, if only they’d been in my life last summer, when I was limping around Miami, searching every shoe store I could find for a pair of comfortable, neutral flats. (I made the classic mistake of packing brand-new, unworn shoes as my “comfort” choice. As it turned out, they weren’t so comfortable after all, especially not when my feet had swollen in the heat: ouch!) I had a hard time finding any, so I’d happily have paid twice the price of these ones. OK, I can’t know for SURE that they’d be as comfortable as I think they’d be, but with a leather upper, a flat sole, and a peep toe, I think they could just work.

What’s more, these aren’t just “sensible”: they’re pretty stylish, too. Tan leather shoes are one of those summer classics: they always look sophisticated, and they can be worn with such a wide range of colours that they’re a very versatile choice, too.  I really like the contrasting silver sections on these, which gives them a bit of a vintage feel, and makes them a little more dressy: and just imagine some bright toenail polish peeking out of the toe!

Because these are flats, they’ll work really well with shorts (or short dresses/skirts), but they’ll look equally good with something like this:

what to wear with tan peep toes

How to wear a midi skirt:

skirt // top // bag // watch // lipstick // nail polish // belt

As you can see, Topshop are continuing to taunt me by releasing a steady stream of gorgeous midi skirts which I can’t afford and don’t need, but really, really want. This one is out of stock in my size (despite just coming INTO stock at the weekend), so it’s out of temptation’s way, but there are plenty more where it came from.


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