Ravel ‘Lavinia’ stud-back court shoes

pink suede platforms with studded heels

Ravel pink suede court shoes, £69.99

A pair of sweet and innocent, ladylike peachy-pink suede court shoes

…with a bit of a surprise on the heel:

Ravel pink suede court shoes with spike heel

This kind of look could be a nice compromise for those of you who are forced to wear “sensible” shoes to work, say, or for some other kind of event with a dress code, but who still want to let a little bit of your personality shine through. I can vividly remember a long-drawn-out fight between my mother and my teenaged self, when I tried to insist on dressing like a goth to my cousin’s wedding, and my mum was hellbent on forcing me into something more “appropriate”. Peach shoes probably wouldn’t have been a good compromise, but the red version of these just might have worked for me, and they might work for you, too, if you love studs and spikes, but can’t indulge in them as much as you’d like to. They’ll look ladylike from the front, but provide a nice little visual surprise when you turn and walk away!

The colour will make these easy to wear with most things, too, although personally I’d want to wear them with this Red Valentino dress:

silk full-skirted dress with coral trim

(Oh, who am I kidding: I’d take ANY excuse to wear this dress…)

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  • I would go barefoot for that dress! Cute shoes although for me there is always the danger of injury when I wear spikes or studs.

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