Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Madame Mouse patent pumps

red patent Madame Mouse heels by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Madame Mouse red patent shoes

red shoes with mouse ears

Christian Louboutin ‘Madame Mouse‘, £495

I had to show you these. I just HAD to.

And, you know, I’ve never been into what I think of as “novelty” shoes. That would include any kind of animal effect, any kind of face, and, yes, any kind of EARS. I’ve never even been particularly keen on the famous Marc Jacobs mouse flats (Although, admittedly, I don’t hate them either, and consider them the best of the animal-themed bunch), which sometimes makes me feel like my Shoe Blogger card will surely be revoked any day now, because to not love the mouse flats is a very serious shoeper sin, according to some people.

These, though?

I kind of love them.

It was a slow burn. I saw them on the page, and frowned a little. “I think those are ears,” I thought, before quickly zooming in, and then, “Yup: EARS. Who woulda thunk it?”

Then I realised they look a bit like an over-sized, stylised bow, and I started to warm to them. Then I saw the toe view and all of a sudden I loved them. Now, a few hours later, I think they’re the perfect combination of quirky and stylish…and I STILL love them. No one is more surprised by me.

I reckon the photo of the toe, which was the deciding factor for me, is probably the very thing that will put many of you off. Make no mistake: these shoes will reveal a LOT of toe cleavage, so if you like to keep your tootsies covered, these won’t be for you. If, however, you like to look like a (very stylish, kinda sexy) Minnie Mouse in “femme fatale” form, then you might just love them.

All of that said, if I was spending £500 on Louboutins, these probably WOULDN’T be the ones I’d go for. If, however, I had the opportunity to wear them, I would grab it with both hands feet: and I actually think these would be pretty easy to style, too, and I’m almost 90% sure I’d be able to resit wearing them with polka dots, for an all-out “Minnie in heels” look.

black and white polka dot 50s dress

Lady V London polka dot circle dress, £40

Haha, just joking: of COURSE I’d wear them with polka dots! I mean, you all know me well enough by now to know that much, right? ]

What would you wear with these?

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  • This just really made me chuckle! I actually DID go to work accidentally dressed as Minnie Mouse, in a polka dot pencil skirt and red shoes! We had a laugh about it in a team meeting, but hey, I pointed out that Minnie obviously had great taste! You can’t go wrong with polka dots and red shoes!

    I love these BTW. They are just adorable!

  • I adore them. and I’m usually with you in the animals-have-no-place-on-my-shoes thing. The would look wonderful with that dress.

  • At first when I saw it i thought it was a bow until I kept reading your post and you said they were animal ears! Although I don’t loathe the whole animal motif trend, I can appreciate when it is done in good taste and if I had $500 to spend and could walk in heels I would buy without question – luv them!!

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