Louise Goldin’s spiked court shoes now available at Topshop

Remember the Louise Goldin for Topshop shoes I showed you a few months ago? Well, they’re finally available in-store and online, and although the designs are a little less extreme than the prototypes, they’re still pretty amazing.

The shoes you see above are all available on the Topshop website, and are retailing for £150 each. I know a lot of people have been desperately waiting for these to be released, so I wouldn’t expect they’ll be in stock for long: if you want a pair, better be quick!

What do you think of them?


  • Gosh they’re vile. I loved the orginal shoes but these have been toned down so much they just look cheap and tatty. *sigh* well that’s £150 saved then.

  • I love shoes, I love spikes, I love shoes with spikes, but these are just HIDEOUS. They look like something I could get for £30 from a stripper shop (no offense to anyone who likes them). Although they have inspired me to go buy some spikes and attach them to a simple pair of pumps I have.

  • I just bought them in beige and they are full of defects.
    I have to return them,unfortunately , because there is glue everywhere and the spikes are not well stucked.
    they are pretty ,but a too bad production…:-(

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