Betsey Johnson Haylie floral print sandals

Betsey Johnson Haylie

I’m a sucker for a bit of floral print, and I think the one used on Betsey Johnson’s ‘Haylie’ sandals is just about perfect: fresh, feminine and summery, and in a shade that will allow it to work with almost everything. Add a cute little bow on the toe, and you have yourself a shoe that’s very Betsey, but without the over-the-top frilliness that can sometimes be a little bit much, even for me, unabashed lover of all things “girlie” that I am.

Even better, these shoes are down to $69.94 at DSW, so even if you only manage to wear them a handful of times before the end of the season, you’ll still get a pretty good deal.

BUY: Betsey Johnson ‘Haylie’ sandals, $69.94
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