Giuseppe Zanotti gold strappy sandals

gold strappy high heeled sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti gold strappy sandals, £560

I’m not sure why, but after all of my recent protestations about strappy sandals, and how they’re not my style, I seem to be featuring rather a lot of them recently, and am really liking the ones I’m finding at the moment. That could just be something to do with the weather warming up, and stappy sandals starting to feel like a possibility again, but I think it probably has more to do with the current breed of shoes, many of which have been gorgeous enough to convince even me that they could be worth all the pedicures I’d need in order to be able to wear them.

These Giuseppe Zanotti sandals use a shape that will, by now, be very familiar to Zanotti fans. That inset stiletto heel has appeared on a large number of his designs recently, and is becoming almost as much of a trademark as the “heel-less” wedge. I love it, and I also love the delicate, yet  statement-making look of these shoes, which I think would look amazing with a floaty white dress, for a Grecian-inspired look. Or, you know, with green. Because green and gold is ALWAYS a winner in my book.

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