Dune Discos Gold Flower Trim Peep Toes

gold platform peep toes with flower embellishment

gold peep toe shoes with flower on toe

gold flower on toe of shoe

Dune Discos Gold Flower Trim Peep Toes, £89

Wow, how absolutely gorgeous are these?

These are actually fairly similar to the ‘Darling’ peep toes which Dune released last year (I wrote about the black and white version, but they were also available in gold), but with the addition of a small platform, and a bit of extra “pizazz”. Having written a lot this year about how I’ve started to shun platforms a little, these shoes have just reversed that option, and I think the platform really works well with the style here: I guess it all really just depends on the shoes, doesn’t it?

These would be a show-stopping pair of evening shoes, which would even work as bridalwear (with the added bonus that you’d be able to keep right on wearing them after the wedding): I consider a pair of gold peep toes to be an essential part of my shoe collection, and now I come to think of it, my current pair are starting to look a little the worse for wear. Hmmm.

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