Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin ‘Aranea’ 100mm cobweb shoes

Chrstian Louboutin cobweb shoes

It’s coming up to Halloween, so I figured I should show you something appropriately “creepy” for this week’s Friday Fix. Of course, as it turns out, these shoes aren’t remotely “creepy”: I’m doing my best here to give you a reason to justify buying them, though, and I’m thinking your “scary witch” costume just won’t be complete without a pair of cobweb bedecked shoes, are you with me? Good, I’m glad we’re all in agreement with this. Now all we need is someone to throw the party and we can all dance around our cauldrons together in our beautiful, beautiful shoes…

(You know, it’s actually kind of strange, because if someone had said the words “cobweb shoes” to me, I probably wouldn’t have thought, “Bring those bad boys on!” But give them a pale pink upper, add some delicate crystals to the “web”, and I’m all over them, seriously.)

There’s just one problem with my “party” plan, however: these are wait listed, so you may not get them in time. If you want to give it a try, however, you can click here to order them. And if they don’t turn up by October 31st, well, there’s always next year. It’s good to be prepared for these things, don’t you think?


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