Pour la Victoire polka dot ‘Ivonne’ wedges

polka dot wedge shoes

My enduring love for polka dots meant that I had to show you these shoes, even although I’m not exactly, well, dotty about them.

The polka dot, you see, is a print that it’s fairly easy to go too far with. One minute you’re thinking, “Ooh, polka dots! So cute! So fun!” and then the next minute you’re absolutely covered in the thing and looking like Minnie Mouse with measles.

For me, these shoes have gone a bit too far: smaller dots might have worked, but the larger ones mean that, while these did get my attention, and I do love the shape of them, I’d probably end up deciding they were a little too cartoonish, and putting them back on the shelf.

What do you think of them?

They’re by Pour la Victoire, and you you can click here to buy a pair for $250.


  • I have the toe shoes in black and I love them. They’re really smart but quirky enough to stand out too. I feel like a lion in them!

    I think it depends on your style as to whether they would be your cup of tea – Amber you are very classic so maybe they would not be so great for you. I could not ever aspire to look at put together as you do, but they work great for me!

  • I can’t make up my mind. Initially I was impressed but when I look at them again, I think the dots may be too large, as you said.

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