Faith ‘Crose’ satin rose detail peep toe pumps

faith-croseIf you’ve been visiting this site for longer than a day (and maybe not even that) then you’ll know that I’m quite partial to the odd flower on my shoes. These, though, are a bit much even for me: one or two roses I could’ve lived with, but six is just taking it too far, and the result is just too fussy, I think.

If you take your love of flowery heels further than I do, though, you may just love these, in which case they’re available in black and pink, and are £70.

Oh, and while you’re there, the Faith summer sale is on at the moment, and is definitely worth a look.

BUY: Faith ‘Crose’ peep toe pumps, £70


  • Definitely too many. I think if the top rose was the only one, or if the bottom three were by themselves, it would be better. The focus should either be the toe of the heel, not the entire awkward side of the shoe. Too many flowers cheapens the look.

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