Rocket Dog bright blue ‘OhNo’ slingbacks

Rocket Dog blue ohno slingbacks

I think these shoes deserve to be called “OHYES” rather than “OHNO”, don’t you? OK, that was a bad joke, but they’re not a bad pair of shoes: in fact, given how rarely I find myself attracted to a pair of mid-height heels (these come in at 3.5″), they’re really a pretty GOOD pair, if you ask me.

Of course, I’m probably always going to be a sucker for this shade of blue, which is always guaranteed to make we want to take a closer look, whatever it’s attached to. In this case, what it’s attached to is a pair of pretty little court shoes, with a slingback heel and oversized bow. The colour makes them stand out, but I also love the elegant shape, which will work for dressy occasions as well as more casual ones.

These are by Rocket Dog, they’re £49, and they’re also available in black: click here to buy them from Spartoo.


  • I think what sends it more in the canvas direction than denim direction for me is the uniformity of color and the flop of the bow.

  • Rocketdog is one of my favourite shoe brands – their pumps and boots in particular are great and super comfy. Never really fallen in love with any of their heels, but these are lovely!

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