New Look stripey platform peep toes

New Look  stripey platform sandals

I’ve been neglecting New Look lately, and I’m being punished for it now, because the blue version of these fabulous stripey sandals is already sold out in my size online. (And, indeed, in every other size apart from a UK5, so if that’s your size, you better act fast if you like these.) The coral/pink version, however, is still available online, and I guess you may get lucky and find the blue ones in-store. Or you may not, and it’ll all be my fault for not showing you them until now. Sorry.

I, naturally, love the nautical, trip-to-the-seaside feel of these, and the blue version instantly reminded me of the blue and white bow sandals from River Island which I showed you not so long ago (and which I pick up and stroke every time I’m in my local store.) These ones are minus the bow, but they’re also minus the price tag, coming in at just £29.99.

Click here to buy them: or just to look at them and wish they were available in your size, as the case may be.


  • Good morning, I love these sandals, how do I get them, I’m from Venezuela, I have them on facebook, there I leave my email address but I like various models is not as Purchasing process, I would greatly appreciate if you respond, keep it up greetings and success.! = D kisses

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