Aruna Seth pink ‘Candy’ pumps with embellished heels

pink peep toe shoes by Aruna Seth

Aruna Seth ‘Candy’, £695

Aruna Seth is one of those brands that’s synonymous with luxury, high price tags… and some truly amazing shoes.

These shoes are all of those things. At £695, they’re not the MOST expensive shoes out there, but they’re certainly not cheap either, and the reason for that becomes apparent as soon as you look at that heel:

pink shoes with embellished heel

It’s pretty special, and those candy-coloured pearls are presumably what gives these shoes their name: either that or the cotton-candy upper. This is another shoe that really doesn’t NEED the extra embellishment, because they’d be amazing on their own, thanks to those curved sides and little peep toe. Aruna Seth don’t really DO “simple”, though: it’s the luxurious embellishments which made the brand’s name, and I think this is a nice example of a heel that’s beautiful to look at, without being so over-the-top that it’s ALL you can look at.

What do you think of them?

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