Sergio Rossi ruched suede stiletto pumps

These are the second pair of pink suede shoes I’ve shown you today, and if this is what winter 2011 is going to look like in footwear, well, I’m starting to feel better about it already. Anyone else up for a hot pink winter 2011? No? Well, OK, these shoes have the kind of OTT style that isn’t for everyone, but I gave a little gasp when the image first loaded on my screen, and that’s a sure sign for me that the shoes in question are soon going to be appearing on

These are part of Sergio Rossi’s Creatures of the Night collection, and that dramatic, flower effect (I’m calling it that because I’m not sure how else to describe it: it looks like a stylised flower to me, though) also appears on these blue suede boots:

Again, not for everyone, but definitely for Shoeperwoman, were it not for the fact that it would cost me over $1000 to buy both. Darn.

Click here to buy them at Louisa Via Roma.


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