Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Neo Pensee’ Mary Janes in red patent

Christian Louboutin 'Neo Pensee' Mary Janes

Christian Louboutin ‘Neo Pensee’ Mary Janes, £495

The amazing Mary Janes just keep on coming from Christian Louboutin right now, and each peep is more beautiful than the last.

These ones are called ‘Neo Pensee’, they’re available in red or black (both in super-shiny patent), and they’re all kinds of awesome, I’m sure you’ll agree. Let’s take these point-by-point, shall we?  Here are all the things I love about them…

♥  The shape. Starting off with the most obvious feature, the stunningly elegant shape. Curved sides, low vamp, pointed toe: it’s a formula Louboutin has used a hundred times before, probably because you just can’t improve on perfection, can you?

The heel. Once again, the master shoemaker shows that where other brands simply make a stiletto, he makes an AMAZING stiletto. The tapered shape gives these added impact: not that they really need it, obviously.

The strap. And the button in the strap. Just gorgeous.

The colour. I talk a lot about my great love of red shoes, and also about how difficult it can be to find the RIGHT red. These are definitely the right red: it’s a deep enough red to not look cheap, but not so deep that it loses impact. These are almost as gorgeous in the black upper, though, which contrasts so well against that red sole.

Did I miss anything? Oh, who am I kidding: you were all too busy staring at the shoe to pay attention to my ramblings, weren’t you? And you know what? I don’t blame you one little but!

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