Next scarf print wedge sandals

Next scarf print wedges

Scarf print is everywhere this season, and I must admit, I’m a fan. For some reason, this kind of print always makes me think of luxury holidays on fancy yachts, glasses of Martini and suave looking men in suits. No, I have no idea why.

That said, I’m not totally sold on these scarf print wedges from Next. When I saw the image on the left, I was instantly intrigued by them, and knew I’d have to investigate further, but when I did, and found the image on the right, I was less keen. There’s a lot going on with this print, and the combination of the busy pattern and scarf tie means they may not be the easiest shoes to style, but if you’re willing to take the chance, they’re very different, and could be stunning. I think these are possibly the type of shoes you really need to see someone wear in order to be able to fully make your mind up about them, and if you’d like to be that person, you can click here to buy them from Next, where they’re currently retailing for £40.



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