Dune ‘Klaudia’ corsage trim sandals in bright yellow


Oh, would you look at that, it’s winter again! Seriously, I drove to the supermarket yesterday, and it was freezing outside. And on the way back? Hail stones. I had to take off my peep toes and put on a pair of flats before I went. I HATE IT when that happens.

Anyway. Given that we still appear to be pretty far from summer here in the UK, I thought I’d cheer myself up by looking at these ‘Klaudia’ sandals from Dune, which are just about as sunshiny and summery as it’s possible for a shoe to be. I’m also liking the idea of embellished ankle straps at the moment. Yes, you could end up looking like a show pony, but it could also look fantastic, and having seen these shoes in this month’s issue of Cosmo, being worn by a model, I think they fall into the latter category.

These are £85 from Dune, and, as with the Oscar de la Renta sandals featured earlier this week, if you have a pair of shoes with ankle straps already, you could always DIY it by simply attaching your own corsage.

BUY: Dune ‘Klaudia’ corsage trim sandals


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