Shoe Kryptonite | Kurt Geiger Maia Bow black high heeled sandals

Kurt Geiger Maia Bow black high heeled sandals, £250

Kurt Geiger Maia sandals Kurt Geiger Maia sandals

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Well, hello there Shoe Kryptonite!

I’m just going to say it: Kurt Geiger has been one of my favourite shoe brands for years now, but over the last year or so, I’ve found their offerings just a little bit uninspiring. Oh, they’ve still been making some lovely shoes, of course: they just haven’t been making the kind of lovely shoes that have made me sit up a bit straighter in my seat, peer excitedly at my screen, and say, “OMG, I HAVE to have those!”

Until now, that is.

I’m really happy to say that the autumn / winter 2014 collection at Kurt Geiger is a real return to form for the brand. It’s only been out for a few weeks, but already it’s provided me with two pieces of Shoe Kryptonite: the amazing ‘Gabrielle’ sandals from the Miss KG line, and now these ‘Maia’ heels from the Kurt Geiger main line.

With strong echoes of Nicholas Kirkwood’s beautiful asymmetric bow sandals  (also deemed to be Shoe Kryptonite), these are just absolutely stunning. The bow, of course, is responsible for much of the ‘wow’ factor, and is one of those embellishments I could look at all day. The offset placement, and the prominent shape is the perfect compliment to the classic shape of the rest of the shoe, making these the perfect combination of extravagance and simplicity.

But what would you wear with them?

green dress with black sandals

♥  20th Century Foxy dress ♥   Christian Louboutin clutch ♥  Ciate nail polish  ♥  Kevyn Aucoin lipstick

I’ve gone all out with this outfit, creating a look that wouldn’t be out of place in black-and-white movie, but which possibly WOULD be a little out of place at all but the most glamorous of events. I don’t care, though: this dress deserves to be seen, and I for one reckon these are the perfect shoes for it to be seen WITH.

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