ASOS ‘Kindred’ metallic pointed over-the-knee boots

ASOS Kindred over-the-knee boots

ASOS Kindred metallic pointed over-the-knee boots, £64

I’m always complaining about boots being boring (in comparison to shoes, I mean), so, just to redress the balance, here’s a pair that most definitely ISN’T “boring”. Not even remotely. In fact, these are the kind of statement-making boots that will make people stop in their tracks just to stare at them, that’s how totally-non-boring they are.

Are they wearable, though, I wonder? Well, I’m a huge fan of over-the-knee boots. I know a lot of people worry about looking a bit “Julia-Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman” in them, but I actually think they can be very classy, and much more flattering than knee high boots. The trick is to wear a dress or skirt with them that covers the top of the boot, creating the illusion of an endless pair of legs: because you can’t see the “join”, so to speak, you have a much more streamlined silhouette than you get with knee boots which draw a line across your leg just under the knee, and then – if you’re wearing them with a skirt or dress – another one at the hem of your dress.

These boots won’t do that, and are, in fact, the perfect shape for this style of boot, with their pointed toe and slim leg. The only issue, then, is the colour. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing colour, and it looks fantastic on the model: over such a large surface area, however, it’s probably going to be a bit much for daytime wear for most of us. With that said, these could look amazing for a night out, and, if you have the right kind of look.attitude to make them work the rest of the time, go for it. They have a bit of a Barbarella/60s-sci-fi-babe feel to them, which I love to look at, if not to wear.

On the plus side, they also come in black suede: tempting!

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  • These are fab, yes not sure about going to work in them but they look great, the black suede pair are probably better. If you want to get noticed then definitely wear these.

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