GLITZ Pink Suede Bow Point Court Shoes from Topshop

Yup, it’s that pointy-toed “ladylike” look I kept banging on about last year and the good (or bad, depending on your perspective) news is that it’s sticking around for a little while at least. These Topshop courts are the perfect accessory for the 50s-inspired look, and will look fabulous with big skirts, prom dresses or capri pants. I’m particularly fond of the pink suede upper shown above, which is neutral enough to work with anything, but if you’re less keen, don’t worry, you have three other colourways to choose from:

I also like them in camel. I mean grey. I mean camel. I mean… oh, I don’t know WHAT I mean. Which is your favourite?

(Click here to buy them)


  • OOoh, when I saw these in store I had a hard time not buying them. They have a very Prada feel to them (Prada has a similar shoe, but with patent uppers and the bow in the middle) and the pink is not as harsch as in the picture, but a lot softer and feminine.

  • These are the perfect temptation shoes….So chic, wearable, the bow, the ultra heel and, seems, comfy…how colud I resist?? ç_ç Topshop…you devil!! XD

    (love the camel and the first ones!!)


  • Definitely the grey.. I think..
    I am so happy I’ve found your blog. Thank you! (I’ll hate you next week when I’ve got no money left..)

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