River Island white embellished sandals

River Island white embellished sandals

River Island white embellished sandals, £70

It’s not really white-sandals-season, I know, but white sandals are what River Island as to offer this week, so white sandals are what I’m showing you today. And I feel like I’ve already over-used the words “white sandals” in this post, so moving on…

While there’s always something a little bit bridal about ANY white shoe, the heavily-jewelled straps on these ones are the main focal point, and will make them appropriate for any dressy kind of event, with the white leather straps being easy enough to pair with most other colours. Need some inspiration? I love this sequinned mini dress:

River Island grey sequinned mini dress

River Island actually released this in a gorgeous mint green over the summer, and it was one of those, “I have absolutely nowhere to wear it, but I still really, really want it!” moments for me. That kind of thing tends to happen fairly often when you spend your days – and most of your evenings – sitting at a computer looking at photos of beautiful clothes that would be TOTALLY impractical for sitting at a computer, mind you. The green version was perfect for summer, but this dark grey will be great for the Christmas party season, and if you don’t want to wear the sandals at the top of the page, I think this would look good with black tights and either simple pumps or maybe a pair of high-heeled ankle boots.

I also like this dark red bardot dress:

dark red bardot dress

This is another style that River Island have released in a few different colours: regardless of the colour you go for, though, I really like the retro-inspired shape, which is given a contemporary twist thanks the bodycon style and stretch fabric.

Finally, this black bodycon midi dress is one of those items of clothing that don’t look like much in the photo, but which can make a real impact when worn: just add heels!

black midi dress

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