Cesare Paciotti multicolour suede ankle boots

According to Zappos Couture, the colours used in these boots are ‘glicine’ and ‘midnight’. Well, OK: I’m just going to call them “multicoloured” because a) I’m lazy and b) I see more than two different shades there. Whatever you want to call them, though, they make a nice change from all of the dull winter colours we’re seeing at the moment, but although there’s plenty of colour there, they work together so nicely that the effect isn’t the least bit garish.

Shoe boots are a particular favourite of mine at the moment, because they’re nice and warm, but work perfectly with both skirts and trousers (although you’ll want to keep that suede away from puddles, obviously). They’re $802 and you can click here to buy them from Zappos.


  • From the heading I thought these were going to awful but they are gorgeous! Agree with Alex hopefully there will be a high street version.

  • I tried on an a shoe the other day that suspiciously looked like these ones, but they were definitely not Cesare Paciotti…most probably “inspired by”.
    I really like the multicolourness, not tacky but very chic.
    I agree about the shoe boots, they’re my favorite for winter! 🙂

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