Sparkly ankle boots from New Look

Sparkly ankle boots from New Look

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen the photo above, which I snapped in New Look on Saturday afternoon, having spotted a pair of sparkly ankle boots on the shelves, and been completely unable to resist trying them on. To be honest, I really just tried them for the sheer hell of it – I mean, sparkles? On a boot? SO not my thing! – but once they were on, I somehow found it really hard to convince myself to take them off again. Or, indeed, to walk out of the store without them.

Because the lighting in the store isn’t ideal for phonecam pictures, this photo is a little bit misleading, in that the light is glancing off the boots and making them look like they’re covered in glitter. As you can see from the product shot, though, it’s actually a kind of snake-effect patent, which is very effective at providing shine without making you worry that you’ll leave a trail of glitter everywhere you go:

black high heel ankle bootsThese looked good with the black leggings I was wearing at the time and because of the low-cut shoe boot style, I think they’d also look good, and add a bit of a “rock chick” vibe to black skinnies, or a dress with tights. Much to my surprise, I loved them, and although I did leave without them (I was on a strict mission to buy some replacement contact lenses and nothing else that day. Just don’t ask what I was doing in New Look when I was supposed to only be buying contact lenses…) I may well be tempted by them next time I have a bit of spare cash.

As for how much spare cash you’d need for these – why, just £24.99: bargain!

Click here to buy them.



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